Weird things I’ve tried

As I write this I’m currently embarking on a new experience with vitamin infusion therapy. It made me think to myself that I have really tried some weird, legal, stuff in my day and this isn’t half of it. So why not write about my experiences?

1- I feel like crap So I tried vitamin iv therapy

Pain and fatigue should be my nick names today. So if it was my last day on earth I would like to spend it doing something to move me in a better direction than current. So why not try this new fad and see if it works. D, Glutamine, and B-vitamins here we go! After a 45 minute drip I feel a little better but mostly the same. The nurse said maybe it takes a few times, I’m not sure but I know my vitamins are deficient because my body sucked up every last drop of nutrients. I’ve been on some killer acne medicine since January and I’m about sick of it- hence joint pain, dehydration, fatigue. So I guess I do feel a bit better and the vitamins didn’t hurt but if your looking for a miracle this isn’t it. I opted to just relax the remainder of the weekend to recover from myself.

This and ordering my usual supplements from A1, does me pretty darn good! Check out A1 supplements here and order your B, D, K, Multi, and Fish oil!

2- CBD

Now this is something that works! Not all CBD is the same and it’s also not a miracle fix (not for me anyway). By miracle fix I mean you use it and all the sudden everything is perfect. I will say my anxiety is non-existent and it definitely helps this joint pain. My favorite brands are Be Well Dexter where MERMAID saves 20% HERE on your first order. I love their gel caps, all the topicals, especially pain cream, and the tinctures. This is as close to a miracle as I have found to date. My other favorite is Just CBD and while I don’t sell their products I will say that their Doobies and Protein Bars are a force to be reckoned with. Click here and use “LoveCBD” to save 20% on all your stuff. Oh yeah, and try the peach rings too, so good!

3- Fraxel Laser Therapy

Acne scarring and acne in general, that’s why I tried this one. I would say for the price and the pain, I should have just surrendered to this terrible acne medicine a long time ago. Even though I hate it, the Fraxel didn’t really work that well and I’m curious if it didn’t make some of my cystic acne worse. It an effort to avoid the inevitable I gave it a shot. The process was pretty simple but I looked like a red tomato for a few days after. It hurt like heck too! Turn up the power and oh boy oh boy…. ouch. I will say some said my face looked better but it definitely wasn’t a miracle fix- like I wanted.


I was sold on the very first lecture I sat in for this one. It makes complete sense, immature stem cells are injected and start rebuilding your inflamed areas that is indicating injury to your body. They stem cells replicate every 28 hours for 62 days I believe, roughly. Stem cells can become anything but you can’t take any anti-inflammatory medicines or foods so they can find the pain. Being I have had back surgery and have struggled with pain my whole life, I was sold. Definitely not a miracle fix yet but I still have a few months to go before I see a final result so stay tuned! The procedure took 15 mins from start to finish and I just basically got 4 shots in my lower back with stem cells in tow. Wasn’t too bad at all but I sure hope it works!


The moral of the story here is that there are no quick fixes. There are things one can do to help their situation like drink cayenne and celery juice for allergies and headaches, drink water, get enough sleep, etc. Anything worth having is worth working for I guess! So I will continue on my wellness journey for now in absence of any miracle quick fixes for a little while and we shall see where it takes me!

Have you ever tried something ridiculous or out of the ordinary for your health? Share in the comments I would love to see what else is out there!

3 styles of Sunglasses that look good on anyone!

There is no secret that I love sunglasses. I have always owned at least 15 pairs at one time in a variety of colors. My typical go to sunglasses style is “BUG-EYED” or just big sunglasses. In my personal opinion these are 3 styles that you can’t go wrong with:

1. Bug-Eye rectangle sunglasses

Why? Because they are ridiculously huge and amazing! I think this style looks super glam on anyone and extremely classy when done in a black or mauve.

2. Cat-Eye sunglasses

Meow! Every woman I know needs a pair of these if they don’t have them already. Cat-eye sunglasses come in a variety of sizes and the medium framed are in my opinion, the safest style choice in this classic category! Medium black or brown cat eye sunglasses are a big “go-to” choice for me- which is why I stock them and have them on stand by to ship out or buy myself!

3. Mirror-mirror on my face

Mirrored lenses are flashy and cute. They aren’t a classic look but more fun for festivals, concerts, or the beach! Whether it’s an “Lennon” or an “Aviator” style frame, mirrors look magical when done right! Pink? Blue? Silver? Rose gold? It’s the shape that can mess this look but not the color of the mirror.

Shop my Poshmark closet and boutique for killer deals OR check-out some of my listings here. I’d love to see your favorite shades in the comments!


EMEVO aka ShadyMermaidShop


Solar Plexus- Chakra Series

Solar Plexus

On our 3rd focus week of the Chakra series which, if you have spent more than a week on one particular chakra that is totally ok, we are now at the sun of our soul, the solar plexus. Let’s see how this chakra impacts our lives and what it looks like in and out of balance.

What does the solar plexus do?

The solar plexus is most representing of the ego in the human soul and body. The situation of the chakra is below the rib cage but Still above the navel. The solar plexus chakra is in the energy element of fire. You can already see hints of fury and misalignment that takes place in the human soul when ego takes over through fear based action.

The color of this chakra is yellow and it is like the other chakras, a spinning wheel in a clockwise direction when balanced. When out of balance….

FIRE 🔥 Out of balance is fury or martyrdom

When the solar plexus chakra is out of balance, one may feel like everyone else is right and they are wrong, about things you are typically confident about. Your personal ego and sense of self is dependent on others energies rather than your own. Often, when the solar plexus chakra is out of balance, we will feel insecure, unsure of ourselves, and look to others for approval. We are easily manipulated and our judgement of the world is not represented by a confident soul but a terrified ego. A true mess but it does happen to us all in one form or another…

When the solar plexus is balanced

When your solar plexus is balanced, you have definitive ideas opinions and strong will. You know exactly what you want to do, when you want to do it, and you’re very sure of what direction your life is going. Your thought processes are open to ideas and opinions from balanced people, but still confident in ones own judgment. The opinion and guidance given by others is not skew or change your personal decisions easily when this chakra is in balance.

Physically, you feel connected in your gut. The fire is felt under your rib cage but above your belly button. to the rib cage above the bellybutton. That very fire (energy) that is felt in your gut says, “I know who I am”. You’re not afraid to stand alone when nobody else is standing beside you you don’t even think of the word fear. You breathe life into others who are feeling insecure through your compassionate yet confident energy. You are hope to them and when your solar plexus is out of balance you are hope to yourself, and your hope is a spiritual gift because you are connected with source energy.

Exercises for the solar chakra- 7 day balance

Day 1: sit, breathe, meditate. If you can’t sit still then go for a walk. Begin by focusing on the area under the rib cage to check in with yourself. Journal freely about what you find.

Day 2: Yoga focusing on the rib cage, abdomen, and the fire element. Search amazon prime or you tube for fire element yoga classes.

Day 3: yoga again! Breaking through the ego is tough so repeat a hard, fire element class and get out of your own way.

Day 4: yoga again! Make it hard! Challenge yourself by how long you can do the yoga or how hard the poses or Fire is burning.

Day 5: go for a walk or meditate- then- make a vision board! Cut out pictures of whatever your drawn to and post them on a poster board.

Day 6: sit with a cup of chamomile or green tea (depending on the time of day) and view your vision board. Just stare at it in silence so nothing but it’s presence influences you.

Day 7: yin yoga, sit still, journal to yourself, your wants, desires, who you are. Seal this practice with smudging with palo santo, the holy wood.

Love and let go – you are not your mind and you are not your ego.

Book recommendation for this chakra is “A NEW EARTH”.

How CBD is made….

There is quite a bit of buzz around CBD right now and for good reason! CBD has been under investigation for potentially having components that many of our human and other mammal endocanabinoid system needs to thrive! it turns out, the hemp plant has a phytocannabinoid system that has aspects that link well with our endocanabinoid system making them BFF and our bodies better!

CBD Suppliers

So the hype comes with real, amazing CBD products like you find at and Of course, some suppliers choose to cut corners and focus on the dollar rather than the product so for those of you that need to know- here is the best practice behind CBD manufacturing and I’ll leave it to you where many cut corners or fall short and may even end up bottling what is known as Hemp Oil.

CBD Manufacturing Process

  1. The Hemp is grown on industrial hemp farms- more on the growing stages of the Hemp in a later post!
  2. The Hemp is verified through testing for high CBD and low THC content prior to sending off for distribution and processing at labs.
  3. The Hemp is dried out in specific drying chambers with very strict cleanliness standards to prevent contamination of the terpenes or terpenoids, and CBD in the process along with preserving the contents throughout the process. THIS COULD GO WRONG 
  4. The dried Hemp plant is ground in preparation for extraction and refining of CBD. NOTE CBD must be extracted from the plant. It is not there automatically when Hemp is ground- THIS COULD GO WRONG
  5. The Hemp and containing source material is dissolved into a food grade solvent such as CO2 or Ethanol. THIS COULD GO WRONG IN MANY WAYS The food grade solvent’s purpose is to dissolve active ingredients for CBD and other terpenes.
  6. The dissolved active ingredients are then filtered using the appropriate filtration system chosen by the engineering processor based on the condition and consistency of the Hemp solution. THIS COULD GO WRONG, could choose the wrong or unsuitable filtration method for the consistency of the hemp. This step can be done multiple times in order to achieve desired results.
  7. Distillation aka the most easily messed up step in making CBD. If they haven’t screwed it up by now, they might be about to if they don’t know what they are doing! Distillation machines are used to yield at least 99.5% pure CBD. The pressure, temperature, and vacuum positioning and motion must be perfect and ideal for deriving CBD. Too hot? Too cold? Toe much pressure? Too little pressure? So many opportunities to steer into a ditch. That’s why CBD should be tested by 3rd parties! To ensure the manufacturing process didn’t contaminate or kill off all the “good juice”.
  8. If your baby CBD has made it this far, congrats! Now it’s formulation time! Using food-grade carriers and topical creams, etc.; the CBD can be made into a variety of items for consumer enjoyment. Take the BeWellDexter “relief cream” or “gummy stars” which include a process all it’s own!

Now that is a process guys! See how many instances CBD manufacturing can go wrong? That’s why it’s important to buy from reputable brands even when sourcing out raw materials! Making your products with sub-par CBD is just as bad as messing it up yourself! 


  • Test, test, test your products.
  • buy from Hemp farms in the U.S. preferably a distributor who deals much with Colorado, SUCH AS ME!
  • Third party test, display your results online.
  • Don’t be a prick, offer good customer service. 
  • Keep up to date on all things CBD or consult a CBD industry specialist for answers and advice, such as myself. 

Reach out to me at for more information or questions on product sourcing needs and pricing. 


Thanks for reading ya’ll!


Sacral Chakra- Week 2

I spent the first week of our “Chakra series” focusing on the Root Chakra. Review my post regarding the Root Chakra if you are just starting out and want to work from the base up. The humourous thing that happened was that as soon as I started to focus on the Root Chakra, I felt more unstable than ever, lacked a sense of security that I typically have regardless of what’s going on, and all sorts of other fun stuff took place where I had to take the week after week 1 to refocus in general! If this sounds like you, you are in good company!

Sacral Chakra- symtoms and meanings

The hilarious part of what I explained about the Root Chakra focus, the symptoms that I thought were the result from insecurity and not being grounded were really the symptoms associated with the imbalance of the Sacral Chakra.

When your Sacral Chakra is out of balance you will:

Feel like your life is out of control, good, bad, or indifferent. Out of control bleeds into a sense of fear which can be a lacked sense of security relating back to the Root.

You just can’t relate to other people or what’s going on in your immediate environment. Makes having empathy and compassion very hard!

Your emotions feel out of control! You can’t just be on level ground. One minute your great the next your down in the dumps and don’t know why.

When the Sacral Chakra is blocked altogether:

You are unemotional and may seem cold and detached in relationships.

Your unsure of what is going on in your life and it is very hard to deal with and adjust to.

Feelings of insecurity and low self esteem. Not confident, just kind of a, “go with the flow to fit in” mentality.

And all of this can lead to depression, detachment, and fear. Right? Three of my least favorite feelings that make me act the absolute WORST!

What about the body when the Sacral Chakra is out of whack?

Get ready for some lower back pain that may or may not be associated with hormonal and reproductive health, kidneys, or bladder issues like a UTI. Your sex life may be sucky and you may lack libido without a reason why. The detachment associated with this works hand in hand with this feeling.

Sacral Chakra balancing exercises:

Day 1- Read about the Sacral Chakra and meditate on what resonates with you. Diffuse some Sandalwood and close your eyes. Breathing in and out, imagine the lower abdomen a vibrant orange color. Think just of that area and that color as you breathe. Do it as long as you need to or can stand it.

Day 2-

Find a yoga video that balances the sacral AND/OR ROOT chakras. Check out Amazon Prime or YouTube.

Day 3-

Listen to hz frequency music on you tube for emotional release, smudge with palo santo, and do exercises that move your pelvis area.

Day 4

Yoga sacral chakra video!

Day 5

Explore your ow sacral exercise and do it. Mine was researching oils and stones in this chakra.

Day 6

Sacral chakra music meditation with movement in pelvis.

Day 7

Wear orange, meditate for 3 minutes imagining orange in your pelvis region. Move through a yoga flow for hips and lower belly. Comment here on how you feel!

Make stress disappear with these 3 actions:

The way of the world sometimes seems to be one full of stress and need to achieve for multiple causes both worthy an/or just part of routine. How often do we find ourselves tense, dehydrated, hungry, and tired but still chugging that energy drink. I am guilty of this as the next person but when I choose to, and it is a choice, I do know how to “de-stress”. It’s just a matter of taking the time to do it and NOT do the next thing keeping me “busy”. If you can’t think straight, do these 3 things and “de-stress” now.

1- Retreat!

By this I don’t mean go on a tropical yoga retreat though that would be nice. What retreat I am referring to is one that you make for yourself anywhere you go but specifically, in a “safe” place for you away from technology (minus an iPad for yoga), noise, television, and pets. Just you, alone. Here are some things to do.

– Light sage or palo-santo and hold it in front of you. Please be careful not to drop ashes everywhere. Take in the smell and wave it slowly however feels natural to you without trying.

– Put down the sage. Pick up a rock. A rock from outside that you found on a hike or something like that. A non-polished, natural, rough, rock. Breathe. Breathe deeply in and out. Start with your eyes open and then close them. Breathe deeper and deeper into your heart and then your stomach (where your sacral and root chakras are). Imagine nothing. Imagine red at the base connecting to the earth and orange fading up towards your belly button. Or just do nothing. The imagery are mere suggestions.

2- Move

Yoga flow of some kind. Something that challenges you just enough to get out of your head. If you have to do a long class to argue your way out of your head and onto the mat, do it! Just move in some way. If you can’t or hate yoga, go for a walk. Just try and be mindful of whatever movement you are doing and work through the feelings of discomfort so they are familiar and no longer stressful. When done, write a gratitude list.

3- Nurture

Be kind to yourself physically. Run a hot bath with soothing essential oils such as lavender, sandalwood, or patchouli. Whatever relaxes you, use that scent. Scents are very powerful and can calm us down faster than our mind can.

Try a foam roller or “bed of nails” acupressure mat. Lay on it, let it sink into your muscles and skin. Let it disrupt the ebb and flow of the stress in your energy. Breathe.

Apply “Be Well, Dexter” relief cream (use “Mermaid” for 20% off) to your upper neck and the top of your shoulders. It literally feels like your melting and getting a huge hug from yourself. Do it and give gratitude to the universe for allowing you the opportunity to re-connect.


There are many wise and useful things to do when your stressed, we just have to do them. So often I don’t stop and do them because the stress is comfortable and can be validating if in the egoistic mind. That is not the ideal state for our souls to be in. We must take action and make the choice to do something different in order to feel blissfully free. Share with me some thoughts and actions you take when your stressed and let us all be happy, healthy, and relaxed.

Homebuyers series on iTunes by EarthMermaidEvolution!

Listen to 3 of 4 episodes dedicated to the home buying process in honor of my sweet mom who closed on her new spot this week! Let me know your questions!


Entrepreneur in elementary school and Flour Bath and Body Works Lotion!

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Entrepreneur in grade school- shoving lotion in peoples faces–shoving-lotion-in-peoples-faces-e3qp7v

CBD and You- What is and what ISN’T.

This just in: Humans and Plants come together and take over the world!

“CBD, your the butter to my bread”

Who would have thought that the human body had an “endocannabinoid” system that is also present in plants through their own “phytocannabinoid” system. What is lacking in the human endocannabinoid system can be made whole through combining this like, plant-based, system adding back missing puzzle pieces. The weakened receptors gain strength through the phytocannabinoid system when CBD is used by the human body!

“CBD, you complete me”

The Yin to our Yang! Who knew the plants had the answer to some major ailments (or at least somewhat of a solution)? Well I sure didn’t! I am not that into science, really, but the more passionate I become about CBD (and Stem Cells on another note), the more I want to know.

Cannabinoid Parade!

What the hell are Cannabinoids? Good questions. There are 85 different kinds of cannabinoids in the Cannabis plant. There are only 113 existing known today and 85 out of 113 are found in Mary Jane’s playground! Only it’s not all “Mary Jane”. Let me explain further….

CBD, THC, and “Other”

  1. CBD- known for anti-inflammatory properties that bind to the CB2 receptor in the human endo-cannabinoid system.
  2. THC- exactly what you think it is… none other than the queen herself, “Mary Jannneee” (in my sing song voice). This component of the plant will get you high and produce psychoactive effects. THC binds to the CB1 receptor which can make up for weakness producing symptoms but will have psychoactive effects in the process.
  3. CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDa- Other cannabinoids that do a variety of cool things to help the human body. Some of these include pain relief, inhibiting tumor growth by anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, anti-anxiety, anti-nausea, and more to be discovered.

Don’t jump to what’s easy to believe

“It’s not magic, it’s science. It’s not a quick fix, it’s a lifestyle”

ME, 2019

SO many people jump to conclusions about CBD because of it being a part of the Cannabis plant. Don’t limit yourself by closing off to the idea that there are non-psychoactive components of the Cannabis plant that are NOT drugs….mmmkkkk??! (South Park reference). Well, they don’t get you high anyway, whether its a drug or not is irrelevant at that point. But even I am guilty of feeling like I was doing something I shouldn’t be due to the loaded stereotype of the under-informed, myself included, thinking CBD was “WEED”.

CBD Isolate vs. CBD Full Spectrum- What does it really mean?

CBD Isolate is….

During the processing (extraction) of CBD, isolate results in the isolation of CBD vs. all other terpenes and connabinoids found in the plant. How? Polar attraction! To extract a clean, 99% pure, CBD isolate, a solvent with like polarity as CBD gets added to the distillate and causes the oppositely charged components to flock to the added solvent leaving CBD ISOLATED. Why does this matter? Some people who work in law enforcement, nurses, etc. may not be able to risk the .3% legal limit of THC popping on a drug test. This isn’t guaranteeing that CBD isolate is safe for drug tests, but it is highly unlikely.

Full Spectrum is…

The mother-ship of CBD for our bodies includes the full spectrum of other nutrients that are organically found when extracting THC and leaving behind CBD and other nutrients. Some of these additional “gems” can be things like fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, etc. …It’s like eating the skin on the potato for the “good stuff”. Again, THC is extracted out and not included in CBD Full Spetrum which means it’s legal in all 50 states because THC is at or below .3%.

What should you do next?

More and more retailers are putting CBD products on their shelves and it is my personal responsibility to make sure that quality CBD is on the market and readily available. Contact me directly at OR comment below if you are interested in putting a CBD products on your shelves, starting your own brand, etc.; and I can help you do that. If you are a consumer wanting to try it for the first time, contact me and i’m happy to help anyway I can!

Reccomendation is: 500-1000mg CBD Tincture Isolate and Body Butter and Pain Cream- CLICK HERE to request a discounted starter kit from me!



DISCLOSURE: these statements aren’t backed by the FDA and this is not based on my own research or proof. My experience is to follow later down the line and that is solidified truth as I know it.


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