Somewhere over the rainbow… your fears will come true and you will be FINE!

jamaicatiTwo weeks ago, I got …. I can’t even say it, I resigned and left a company I placed high expectations on, drank their cool-aid, and still I wasn’t accepted! I have not considered myself material of being not particularly liked for my super high energy, high excitement, results driven mentality before. I never thought anyone would find it threatening enough to sabotage my enthusiasm the way it went at this company. I had my biggest fear come true, despite all my efforts to try to avoid the inevitable, it happened and my career just broke open unexpectedly. It happened and I lived!

There are a million perspectives I could choose to view the event from. Some of them simple and expected, some beyond how I ever thought I would. I have been working as a Property Manager for 8 years. I have seen the good, the bad, the really good, and the unimaginable. The natural way I would have responded to this opposition in the past was sadness, anger, and hate. How could they not like ME!?!

The ME has evolved a whole lot over the past decade. The ME is no longer linked to the external and the opinions, acceptance, or rejection from others and from life. I no longer define myself by what I do, by how I look, or how you feel about me on any given day. ME is now separated from those things ran by the ego, ME is a soul having a human experience.

I heard a quote once that said,”My enemies tried to drown me nut they didn’t know that I could breathe under water.” (Author unknown). This phrase has always stuck in my head since I heard it years ago. Mermaids never learn to breathe under water, the just know. Breathing under water is symbolic to resilience in the human experience.