Wisdom shared can be common ground.

Today I had lunch with a mentor of mine, Dr. Debbie Phillips, long time friend and C.E.O. Who splits his work between Atlanta (where I grew up) and Denver (where I am now…. still evolving). Typically going into a meeting like this I have it together, so I think. But not today, I’m a complete open canvas.

I have not reported to an outside job for going on 3 weeks and I’ve been working through learning to just be. The truth is, I couldn’t tell you the last time I had 3 weeks off without having that part of my mind filled with anticipation for what awaits me on my return. I don’t have a work email to not check and punish myself when I do check it before I get out of bed. I have only the keys to things I own and they are a lot lighter.

In my meeting today, I was able to have an honest conversation with an executive who has been through numerous years of hard work and sacrificed personal relationships and wellbeing at times, as a result. Going back he shared that quality of life is the most important thing. Even if one makes less money but can live on it and trade the rat race for time with loved ones, he advised supporting such a decision. He also shed some light on non-conventional ways to earn money. I desire freedom in time spent whenever possible in a business and professional arena. Thinking outside the box….doing something different even if unconventional or not clearly defined just yet…I think to myself today….why not ME? Why not try?

My days are spent are present than ever. I have laughed more with friends than I have in a long time. I have cared for those I love and listened to them without anticipation of the next moment or thing. I have creative energy, love, gratitude, and relief all wrapped up in one. I can pause without struggle or guilt. I am traveling through a period of restoration and reconstruction of my soul. I feel in line with life’s rhythm and not swimming up stream. My mind is open and completely listening to everything the universe and spiritual presence is pouring into me. I’m teachable, I no longer have a plan, I am at peace.❤️

Doji is freezing and doesn’t want to move – silly dog.

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