CBD….. no it’s not gonna get you high and no it’s not recreational for God’s sake!

Listen up! So I think that people who are not trying CBD due to thinking it’s a drug but may benefit from it are making a huge mistake. Never being a math or science whiz, I’m working with someone and have written a few hundred thousand words about CBD over the past month- never gets old – it is very fascinating.

Here is the short version…

The human body has an internal system called the “endocanabinoid system” that, when deprived of enough phytocanabinoids, can produce symptoms such as depression, inflammation, anxiety, etc.. basically when the endocanabinoid system is weak and can’t repair the body/function properly, can’t calm you down, can’t remedy disease. This produces symptoms. Symptoms would be the pain associated with the inflammation, the anxiety produced from not being able to calm down – get it? The CB2 receptor is weak.

CB2 receptor and CBD:

It’s lacking enough of what it needs to recover. So CBD binds to the CB2 receptor and basically adds strength to the weak CB2 receptors. This adds to what is lacking in makes the body stronger and then the body can heal! That’s pretty logical isn’t it? Anddd… the cool thing is there may be more receptors in this endocannabinoid system that are benefiting from the natural phtocannabinoid contents that’s are added to the body by using CBD.

Think of CBD as Hope

If we could use something from a plant to fix the thing that is lacking to see if it can restore some ailments – why would we not try it?

  • lack of education and knowledge- too lazy to formulate ones own idea after doing some reading and trying.
  • lack of research and enough clinical evidence to have it be a 💯 thing that works.
  • close mindedness…. seems this is a trend these days.
  • people not doing research to draw their own conclusions.
  • fear of what people will think or if there is THC (Which I don’t think we could buy it in all 50 states if that was the case).

CBD can be hard to shop for so here are my picks!

I have two favorite brands I suggest trying and you can get them directly from the links below without navigating the ever confusing and saturated with junk CBD market.

1- https://www.greenroadsworld.com/?rfsn=2340948.eb0747

2- https://myctfo.me/earthmermaidcbd

Email me if you have questions- I’m not an expert but I do know my personal experiences I can share about the topic along with lots of other people around the world.

Ta – ta!♥️-


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