Do you become who your around?

Can you figure it out? Connect with the world around you and not lose your identity in it at the same time? So often people become who they are around – unfortunately for humanity, I grew out of it a long time ago and it has not been the easiest journey but has been …..

the most meaningful.

So often we get lost within ourselves because we are looking way to hard. Focused on finding who we are inside us instead of through genuine experience. Only you need to know who you are and the minute you forget is when…..

You find yourself.

Don’t be fooled by what others want you to be or what they speak you to be to yourself and to others. So many times in times of change, uncertainty, or ambiguity do we succumb to the identity assigned to us by life instead of the identity…

Who we really are.

It’s amazing how much peace, freedom, and meaning is restored to our lives when we find our way back to our souls. The genuine connection with little to no effort displayed often by life’s trials and uncertainty. There is a point in time where your heart aches, breaks, and then floods life with passion. It is so tiring to contain passion in order to blend in, not shake things up, not risk being rejected or disliked. Who and what are you living for? I am living for now. I am here, present, eating tomatoes and listing to my French bulldog gnaw on his bone so loud it’s almost annoying. I don’t have to be anything but here. right. now.

Stop fighting yourself. Stop sacrificing your nature to appease others. Stop shorting yourself for an identity you think you understand and emerge into one you don’t… and then never try!