Let your actions speak

I see a lot of companies these days advertising the employee amenity of “culture”. There has been a huge shift in focus to putting the employee and company culture out there to attract people to their organization. My disclosure here is that this is my opinion based on my experience.

The “look at me” culture movement is in full swing but I think it’s important to examine this topic further and see where we can apply it to make the greatest positive impact on the world and people in it. I have worked for some great leaders at some great companies and for some great owners. I have had good times and bad with those who led me and made me better in the process. I have not ever learned anything of true value from those who focus on fluff completely and aim to please. Let me explain…

Implement the fluff…

If your good at something, you typically don’t have to say it and showcase it as a sales tactic. If your good, your good, and the actions you take and results that are produced will be enough to tell the story. Your experience speaks for itself.

I think this is why I have always felt uncomfortable being “in your face” or bold about successes. I remember when the property I was at won awards for 3 different things, 3 years in a row. This property was rough and got better over the 3.5 years I was there, but it was not easy. Our team won “Rookie of the Year”, “Highest Economic Occupancy”, and finally, “Highest NOI” my final year there. Each time, I was surprised with a dinner and trip to Atlanta, along with recognition. This is GREAT and companies SHOULD do this. I am in no way saying this is a bad thing at all. The thing was, I needed my team to feel the same feelings that I felt from the accomplishment for it to truly mean something to me.

So we had a little awards ceremony of our own…. and I surprised THEM along with my Regional and made each of them awards personalized to attributes of them that made the team win the award all around.

This is what I feel comfortable bragging about…. because this is what I love.

In conclusion…

The only time I feel comfortable sharing success is when I am doing it to demonstrate hope and motivation for people to see how you can achieve anything!

I have to be honest, I also use it to deal with rejection because I am a pretty confident person but only because unfortunately, not everyone is a team player, and not everyone will work with you as a team in a team… but I have learned to reject that as something I am willing to live with. Love and let go there are too  many good people out there waiting to do amazing things.

I have definitely had my share of heartache and down right rejection in my career…. so I am definitely a bit feisty from it, but I am not hard, and I am not closed… I still love and I still believe in people.

I don’t remember ever hearing the word “culture” when I truly felt like culture existed. My most meaningful team relationships were tight knit and we laughed and cried through thick and thin… and we didn’t even think about calling it anything because we were present.