How to have a GOOD MORNING Monday-Friday!

I believe that often our morning habits set our intention for our day. I have noticed when I slack on the good morning habits I have established for myself, within a few days I am out of sorts. Here are some morning habits I use to propel my life in a positive direction.

Habit 1: Breathe and get quiet!

So often I am guilty of checking my email before my feet even hit the floor. I am a sucker for constantly thinking of others and wanting to control situations by being prepared.

The best way to prepare for the day for me is to sit and take some deep breath’s. My eyes can be closed or open and focused on the floor 3 feet out. I will often light sage or palo santo to clear the air around me. I set a timer (and am still guilty of looking at it constantly) for 3 minutes. I go inside my heart and brain, like I have a dot in the center of each.

Habit 2: Move intentionally

This is a big one for me and I have learned in life you don’t have to do something perfectly or the way you imagine it in order to just START! So often I delay due to perfection meaning, if I can’t do it perfect I won’t start. My recommendation is to do a short Yoga video on you tube every morning. Either 10-20 minutes depending on how much time you have. This loosens the body up and raises awareness of me in my skin. I also have far less back pain and am all around more centered when I do this.

Habit 3: Read something positive

Sometimes I will do this standing outside while I am trying to get the dogs to go to the bathroom. Sometimes I will actually sit down and do this over tea or coffee. Whatever the case, I try to make an effort to remember what the reading was. I do this so I can actually recall it later. So when I close the book I will say it to myself and if I can’t remember I make myself read it again.

Habit 4: Hydrate!

Drinking water when I start my day has such a major part in how good or bad I physically feel that day. If I don’t start drinking water from the get go, the water consumption for that day is never as good! Without thinking I just start drinking, water!

Habit 5: Nutrition

Cayenne pepper and green juice shots are my favorite especially in the winter and spring. They rejuvenate my insides and my mind just feels more “on” when I fuel with good food and drink via juices (without sugar) and berries, non-dairy yogurt, Kodiak cakes, or a Quest Bar. I just have to eat something. It prevents me from crashing mid day because I went to work and forgot to eat and I also just feel better knowing I am taking care of myself!

What do you do?

I developed these habits on accident and on purpose as I have aged in my years. I realized that the email can wait a minute before I start intensely working and I need to take care of myself in order to be present and intentional throughout the day. I want to work on adding in some visualization exercises in the future. What are some things that you do in the morning that make for a great work week?

XO EarthMermaidEvolution