5 things money really CAN’T buy

A wise person once said, “people are making more money, but no one is making more time” (Bill B., a personal friend). For some reason this has stood out to me over the years ever since I heard it but has become very important, actually more important than anything, in the past year. I suffered the loss of two things closest to me and it changed me, in a good way but very painful. Today I was thinking to myself, what else can money NOT buy. I have taken a step back to feed and nurture my own soul which has afforded me the opportunity to really grow in some both amazing and extremely difficult ways. In honor of this journey I bring to you:

“5 things, including time, that money CAN’T buy”


The first time I ever heard it, I was 24 years old. I thought it was pretty cheesy and definitely not applicable. To me, of course money isn’t everything, as I would be dissatisfied with what I had and be focused on consuming more day after day. Oh the joys of growing up! I went on to develop an extremely successful career in Real Estate and Multi-Family Property Management. As an agent, I sold over 1 million dollars in 6 months of obtaining my real estate licence all while working 40 hours a week and finishing up my M.B.A.. I was just going and going, no time for the husband or family, when I was there I wasn’t really THERE. After almost a year I woke up one day and told my husband that we should move back to where we came from to achieve this dream, and we did. That moment of clarity made the cycle of work, work, earn, grow stop, realize what was important, and instinctively I learned that no one was making, or selling, more time in the most literal sense you can imagine.


In my career I have been an extremely loyal, and disloyal to continue to be loyal, employee and and a die hard loyal friend/loved one. Loyalty is a fascinating subject to me and it’s a huge honor to be loyal and have others that are loyal to you. I have observed employees are either loyal to people or to organizations. In one case, such as myself, I followed one of my greatest mentors to another company because I was loyal to her because she valued and invested in me in the most genuine sense possible. I later developed a protege who followed me due to loyalty because I invested and cared for her. She followed me all the way to Denver, not that Denver doesn’t sell itself, and to another company. So many times I have tried to get people to become loyal in business but money just can’t buy it and I just can’t force it. In the end, true loyalty comes from genuine connection. True loyalty is blind faith in another regardless of money, status, or prestige. When I realized I couldn’t just develop loyal friendships and business relationships, that they really were an organic gift, life got that much richer for me.

Wendy and I at our 3rd company working together’s night out

huge mentor of mine and “work mom” Lori at a fun awards event- also our 3rd company working together!


Faith is the absence of personal will and desire and dependence on the good fortune and results of the unknown. No amount of money can make someone deeply know that everything is going to be okay. No amount of investment can guarantee a result without faith and faith cannot be purchased. I learned this in a moment of defeat. This moment later became one of the most life changing and empowering moments I have had and may ever have. It was truly life changing. This is when I learned with true faith is, and it can’t be bought, faked, given away, or taken from you by anyone or anything. It is unshakable and indescribable.

Ambition and Need to Achieve

In my observations I have learned that no matter how much you train or pay someone, you just can’t teach that internal burning of a high need to achieve drive internally. We can teach skills, trainings, workshops, classes to all employees or individuals, but there is truly something that separates the good from the great. I’m not sure you can pay a mediocre person enough to be great ever. Not on a consistent basis. True ambition and need to achieve is an internal drive that is like hunger. If you give someone money instead of food, that hunger won’t go away.

LOVE (passion)

This one can be controversial but I am going to stick to my beliefs and say, money can’t buy love! When you love someone or something, turning off a switch inside to “un-love” that person or thing is impossible. This is what makes true love story’s great. One can’t pay someone to fall in love or love them no matter how rich or poor, good or bad, love is not for sale. Like loyalty, even when it seems to make no sense whatsoever, love will prevail. Even when life may be easier going a different route, love will prevail. This cannot be bribed against or acquired with money. Love is organic and exists independently of all other conditions. That’s why they call it unconditional love.

I am curious to know what else is out there that money can’t buy. I am not a money hater or anti-money, but sometimes it is really important to think about what we can’t get back or re-do to make us really LIVE.

xoxoxoxoxo EarthMermaidEvolution🧜‍♀️❤️