I play…

I play the guitar.

I hear songs- and they penetrate my soul.

They remind me of the past, of things, of memories.

Music is a language all its own.

Music has the power to remove me from now and take me to back then.

Sometimes it hurts, sometimes not, sometimes it’s just this burning feeling in my gut I can’t explain.

Regardless though

I play the guitar.

Because music triggers a beautiful piece of me like nothing else.

Scent and music can bring back memories I didn’t remember – even right after they happened, if that makes any sense.

It’s like – I hear the sound of the past and I hear the sound of the now.

I never hear the future in music.

I hear a manifestation of the future through the emotion I feel, that I can’t explain, but I’m either here, or back then.

Music is … expression.

I play… it gets me closer to my own soul, my own reaction to the sound within me.

I hear…

I play…

I get frustrated when…

I hear…

And I play and then…

I feel.

– xo EME