Best 1 year old birthday party- ever

Omg y’all-

I went to my husbands friend Junu’s son’s first birthday party over the weekend. Hilarious for a number of reasons! First of all- hands down the BEST of ANY birthday party I have EVER been to (or remembered).

Walked in the door and got to pick out what I thought their, now one year old, Ian, was going to grab off a tray of assorted items first. The choices?

1- ball of yarn

2- Obama book

3- microphone

4- Little good luck bag

5- hundred dollar bill

There were 50 adults there.

Baby IAN grabs the $100…

Next, we all play Mario Cart. Baby IAN comes out in a robe (a traditional outfit for their culture) and is ADORABLE- literally a king!

After Mario Cart…..

Watch this guys- Junu’s first stand up routine AKA the funniest thing I have ever seen! Please share if you like it I totally want him doing more stand up!

Xoxo EME

JUNU’s FIRST STAND UP- baby IAN turns 1!