ROOT Chakra – Week 1 Energy Challenge

To go along with the podcast from April 2nd, 2019, I wanted to include this guide to restoring and re-balancing your Root Chakra in the Chakra energy series.

Recap on what a Chakra is-

Chakras are intersections of energy lines within the body that intersect at thousands of points. Along the spine is where the most congested energy intersections exist and there are 7.

Root Chakra – Safety, Earth, Grounded, Self-Confident, A Part of World, Community, and Yourself.

The Root Chakra can become blocked when someone has gone through a change, had a financial shift in their life that disturbed their sense of security, or they sit slouched and tense for long periods of time. You may notice that you have lower back and sciatica pain when the Root Chakra is blocked because of the association with the bottom 3 vertebra of the spine. An emotional reaction to a Root Chakra imbalance is anxiety. The anxiety stems from the feeling of not being grounded, secure, and safe within your current situation emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.

What to do about a blocked Root Chakra

There are some exercises that you can do in order to restore the balance in the Root Chakra. Below outlines the schedule to restore your Root Chakra back into balance as I have personally experienced it. It includes a daily step by step plan of “Root Restoration” and you will be stepping in a more solid direction before you know it.

Day 1-

Get quiet and find some Root Chakra meditation music that has sounds ranging from 296-432 in hz. You can find many resources of music geared towards this Chakra on YouTube. Close your eyes, breathe, do this for about 15 minutes at least.

Day 2-

Find a grounding Yoga flow and do it in the morning. Repeat Day 1 music practice in the evening.

Day 3-

Breathe- in silence- sitting on the floor or lying down in savasana.

Take 30 deep breaths through your nose and out through your mouth.

Read a daily meditation from a book of your choosing. A personal favorite of mine is Journey to the Heart by Melody Beattie. Close the book and repeat in your own words back to yourself what the meditation was. If you forgot already, o

Day 4-

Do something scary, take a leap of faith, tell someone how you are feeling when you would normally agree. Then, this evening, do a root chakra yoga sequence. There are some great ones on YouTube. Specifically, Yoga with Adriene is good or Boho Beautiful.

After yoga, find a piece of sage and light it. If you don’t have sage, just sit quietly and diffuse some earthy scented essential oil. If you are using sage, simply make a protective cloud around your body but be careful for ashes. For more info on sage and smudging, I will be publishing a detailed post about how to smudge, why to smudge, and what to smudge.

Day 5-

Close your eyes and sit or lay on the floor. Take 30 deep breaths and then imagine that you have roots extending from your body down into the earth, like you are a tree. Imagine white energy flowing from the earth, through your roots, and filling your soul. Focus on the color red. Imagine the roots are red running from your body to the earth.

Then, sit up and grab your meditation book. Read the reflection for the date you are on or another spiritually fulfilling text. When you are done, close the book and think about what you read. Say it back to yourself in your own words and then say it to the universe. Get quiet, sit, breathe, then go about your day.

Day 6 –

Go for a walk outside. Go to a place that is in the woods or a trail. If you live by a beach or lake, go there. While walking, take deep breaths in and out focusing on the gratitude you have for the world and the earth. Find something that you connect with in nature. For me, it is usually always a rock. Take that and hold it. Feel the energy from it run through your body to the item and from the item to the body. If you find a rock you really like, hold on to it.

Day 7-

I would love to hear what you do today to connect with your roots, or the Root Chakra. Still feeling insecure, there is still time to nurture the Root Chakra, it’s not a race. Take the time and heal yourself through energetic acknowledgement and focus. The earth will fill your soul and stabilize your worries, if you ask for it, and if you allow it.

Thank you for taking this journey with me- EME-