WHAT THE HELL ARE “VIBES”- Intro to Energy

Have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt discomfort? Have you ever felt completely welcome somewhere before anyone even spoke to you? You may have even been alone and just felt an indescribable love surround you making you feel comfortable and safe. Have you ever had a conversation with someone and began to feel alienated in your own skin? Felt an indescribable and foreign feeling came over you, like you want to shake it off?

All of these instances are a result of the “vibes” that people speak about today. It turns out, these “vibes”, or energy, are something as important to health and well-being as a health diet. Let’s dive in.

Energy is a Part of Business

Energy is valid and influential in every area of someones life. It can make or break teams and company culture. It can be the difference between two teams of the exact same make up performing in two different ways – one good and one struggling to make it. I have multiple examples of how energy has impacted my professional life, not to mention my personal. These “vibes” are not fluff, they are not easy, and they are not for the faint of heart.

I Could Finally Put my Finger on it!

I was introduced to the impact of energy and “vibes” by a former resident of mine, Heather with Wheels of Light Healing, back when I managed an apartment community in Georgia. She had the most amazing, calming, energy about her and it led to me exploring energy and it’s power. I went to my very first Reiki session with her and then went back. I started to notice more and more energy around me. This was just the beginning…

The Body’s of the Body

Every human being has multiple systems in the body that are effected by different things in different ways. The body has 5 systems:

1- Physical – what doctors treat when a condition arises

2- Etheric – closest to the physical body and is what is effected by sickness and disease

3- Astral– this is where the “aura” or energy field surrounding a person is found. An aura is a bio-magnetic energy field that surrounds a person. If you tried to draw a picture of vibes it may turn out like an aura. The Astral body is connected to the physical and when we are calm or relaxed energy flows easily between the two systems. When the aura starts to have breakage or grey areas it is a sign of sickness/weakness in someones energetic field. The Etheric Temple is a component of this Astral system and is where emotions, feelings, and intuition exist. So when someone is meditating they are peeling the layers and tapping into the deeper components of themselves.

4- Causal Body– Where spirituality and our higher-self is found.


There are 7 major chakras found along the spine – from the tail bone up to the very top of the skull. Chakras that are balanced spin in a clockwise direction. When unbalanced, the wheels slow down, or even reverse making the energetic state of being “sick” and will likely lead to more discord if not addressed. Just like if your physical body is sick and you don’t do anything about it, you will probably get worse in most cases.

Think of it as circulation, when circulation is cut off there is a part of the body deprived of blood supply which will result in the area not getting the vital nutrients it needs and eventually becoming damaged and dead.

Take the Chakra Challenge

I encourage you to pay attention to how energy is at work in your life. Notice when you feel energetically “off” and see what is going on around you and then inside of you. Over the next few weeks, i will share some of my own experiences with specific Chakra’s of my own, what I do about it, what it teaches me and has taught me, and how I apply various methods into my daily life to balance my energy back out.

My Disclosure-

Please note, this involves tapping into a spiritual or higher-self. If you cannot define it, don’t worry, that’s just your ego wanting to know- it really doesn’t matter what it’s called, it’s what it is. Also, if you immediately closed your mind the minute you started reading, I highly doubt that you have gotten this far down. This is good news for you, bad for those who will continue on without having any idea how to use energy and live fearlessly rather than merely exist.