3 actions to take now to remind you that you’re amazing!

So, I know I’m not alone in having the occasional off day or week. Often our best growth is done when we feel down right shitty! Those days when you either suffer from the “other shoe to drop” or “imposter” syndrome. Or maybe it’s just that when you talk to people about your ideas and goals, they give you a look that is casually polite but also confused. If this is you, you are not alone. There are many of us who are complete life dominating citizens, full of passion and drive, to remind you on their good days, that you are NOT alone in your school of over-achieving thought. That there are many of us out there like you!

When your having an off moment or are caught in an awkward situation whether for a second or a year, it can be really hard to get out of it. Especially if you don’t have a likeminded support group. We all know the “realist” friend who wants to help by reminding you of all the things that can go wrong or not work. They are “just trying to help”, but when you hear it on an off day, boy does it really penetrate when usually your not giving it a second thought. So to avoid going through life to people please the status quo, lets review some actions we can take to remind us of who the F*^! we are so we can smile and go on with our day.

You heard me, get out of your damn head, NOW! I am talking to myself and to everyone who has a mind that goes around and around until it can pinpoint that exact source of control they have or guarantee that everything is going to be _________ fill in the blank. Our minds cannot recover our minds and our ego’s cannot solve our problems. To get our of ego, one must get out of self, and stop trying to solve your problem (your brain on an off day), with your problem (that same brain on the same day).

Need some ideas on how to get out of your head? I totally know how it is. When you can’t seem to think of one thing to do to make your situation better or the wheels to stop so you can re-focus. Here is your list for getting out of your head in a blackout.


Pick an easy thing to decide on whether if its a goal, an action for the weekend, a commitment to do ________ and then do it. Just decide on something- tell someone that you have decided or just say it out loud. You will rebuild credibility with yourself and instantly be more confident. Note- this can be a really minor detail do not overthink it.


This might be walking! If you are having a really bad day, walk forward! Preferably outside, just go and take a walk and think about how you are literally moving forward and not walking in place. If you haven’t beat your brain to the state of walking being your thing, maybe sign up for a class to learn something, watch something you know nothing about on LinkedIn Learning or YouTube. This could be developing a hobby, like guitar (hence me), or you could just color. If you choose to color, pick large pictures to avoid throwing the book across the room if your anything like me. And with the guitar, I would start with a song that you actually like that is pretty easy. Just google “easy guitar songs” because playing Yankee Doodle never motivated me to dominate and shred on the guitar one day- just sayin.

So there you have it friends! 3 things you can do to feel less “off” if you feel off. To feel more confident if your in a valley. Not a whole lot of ambiguity with these activities, pretty cut and dry. So hard when your having “a day”.

How do you rise above an off season? Comments?!