Juice this now!

I thought about it long enough and decided to dive into the juicing game. Thats right- I got a juicer! Black and Decker $40 special at Walmart, baby! Let me tell you… I LOVE IT!

Black and Decker for the win!

It’s not my style to read directions, recipes, music, books, etc… so I threw together 3 juicer blends for beginners like me who are impatient and want instant gratification out of their new juicer….so let’s do it!

Dollar tree jars 🤩

Celery and Cayenne Pepper Delight!

Morning tonic of celery and cayenne 🔥

Take a bag of celery and rip off all the stalks.

Use a juicer (mine is Black and Decker- cheapest one I could find) and turn it on.

Put a jar u see where the juice will depart and stuff the stalks of celery down the juicing hole of wonderfulness!

Juice the whole stalk and then turn off the juicer.

Since you used the jar your going to store it in, take some cayenne pepper and shake it about 10-15 times into the juice.

Add a splash of water or divide and add a hint of water to each.

Drink in the morning on an empty stomach!

Carrots and Ginger Bliss

Buy a bag of the “ugly carrots” aka the cheapest carrots 🥕 and wash them off.

Cut off the ends and slice any fat carrots in half so they fit in the juicer.

Get out the juicer and turn it on.

Use whatever jar your going to store the juice in to catch the fresh carrot juice your about to LOVE.

One by one…. shove the carrots into juicer oblivion!

Grab a few slices of fresh ginger and send them to ginger juice land (put them in the juicer).

Once you juice the whole bag of carrots- turn the juicer off!

You can separate into two jars adding a hint of water and more ginger to taste if needed using kitchen spice ginger sold in the spice isle.

Best juice ever – sweet but still a veggie!

Kan ya Kale my Granny (Apple)

Get out your juicer!

Use 4-5 Granny Smith apples and a bunch of kale (2 if needed).

Put the jar you are going to use to catch the juice under the juicer.

Get the stalks of kale and apples ready. Make sure they are small enough to fit in the juicers mouth.

Start your engines!

Shove the apple slices and kale 🥬 (stalk first) into the juicers mouth.

Once finished turn the juicer off.

Replace the jar lid and shake.

Divide into two servings of you wish and add a splash of water or coconut water.

Optional ginger addition available – take it or leave it.


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Xoxoxoxoxo 🥬