Can we please stop with the 90 day review…

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5 thoughts on “Can we please stop with the 90 day review…

  1. I have been on disability for quite some time so it has been a while since I have worked. Your voice sounds quite young so I may be old enough to be your mother and my experience may be a generational thing. I began working at the age of 15 (the late 1970’s) and worked into my 40’s. During all those years I only had one 90 day review. That experience made me feel as if I were not part of the company and did not belong. My 90 day review was very good but even afterward I felt as if I did not belong. If I remember correctly, this company did reviews frequently, no matter how long you worked there. In my opinion, if you want the best from your employees, you want to make them feel as if they belong and they are family. Reviews remove that sense of belonging.

    You live in Denver! My son and daughter-in-law moved there in January. I am leaving Ohio on May 2 to move to Colorado also.


    1. Thank you for listening and for replying! Yes, the 90 day reviews never really seem to do anything positive for the employee but only the employer. I believe that feedback should be continuous and people should just be honest and treat people how they would want to regardless of position! That’s awesome that your son and daughter in law live here! My mom just moved here from georgia in November (where I am from) and loves it. Thank you again for taking the time to listen and reply! Keep in touch!

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  2. Christin,
    You’re right. We never revisit them again. A total waste of time. Pray the stem cells eradicate the pain. All the best.


    1. Thank you, Patrick! And thank you for checking out this episode! I will keep everyone updated on stem cells for sure! Could be a game changer if they do what they are designed to do- rebuild tissues!


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