Stem Cells are falling on my head…

Back pain. I hate it. My Dad has suffered with it for his entire life and I have too. Well it really started 8 years ago. Not sure if it was the fall off the wall at the bar in college (whoops) or if it was the decade of figure skating and the falls that came with it. I lay here in pain, foot spasming, leg cramping, if you deal with this your not alone.

Sitting is the new smoking- truth! I have been sitting at a desk for almost 3 months for 7 hours a day and gradually my pain has come back (almost) to the pre-surgical threshold. Yes, I have had back surgery. It helped a lot! But right now, I can’t sit for another second- hate to complain but who can relate?

And people are sometimes understanding but I never like to complain. I refuse to take anything for pain because the relief isn’t worth the negative effects.

Tried and tried

Here are the things I have tried:

YOGA- daily- including Bikram .

Massage- mostly to get out of pain not relax. This helps but I’d have to do it daily.

Acupuncture- gratifying as hell but not enough results to keep me going back.

Epsom salt- baths and hot tubs, check!

Steroid injection: while awake, while asleep, multiple times too!

Chiropractor- was so hopeful but… no.

Physical Therapy- probably not enough.

Toradol, Ultram (post surgery only), NSAIDS for days…

Inversion table- great relief but can’t stay there all day.

Spinal decompression- I wish it felt the decompressing relief all the time.

RFA- burn nerves in between disks off to remove sensitivity.

Back surgery- removal of L4 and L 5 lamina

And I’m still in pain!

Stem Cells

Tomorrow I will try stem cells. I’m fortunate to be in a place to get a great deal since insurance won’t cover it. I believe I am hopeful. Regenerative medicine makes sense to me…. and I will keep you all posted as I go!

Xoxoxoxoxo EME