CBD and You- What is and what ISN’T.

This just in: Humans and Plants come together and take over the world!

“CBD, your the butter to my bread”

Who would have thought that the human body had an “endocannabinoid” system that is also present in plants through their own “phytocannabinoid” system. What is lacking in the human endocannabinoid system can be made whole through combining this like, plant-based, system adding back missing puzzle pieces. The weakened receptors gain strength through the phytocannabinoid system when CBD is used by the human body!

“CBD, you complete me”

The Yin to our Yang! Who knew the plants had the answer to some major ailments (or at least somewhat of a solution)? Well I sure didn’t! I am not that into science, really, but the more passionate I become about CBD (and Stem Cells on another note), the more I want to know.

Cannabinoid Parade!

What the hell are Cannabinoids? Good questions. There are 85 different kinds of cannabinoids in the Cannabis plant. There are only 113 existing known today and 85 out of 113 are found in Mary Jane’s playground! Only it’s not all “Mary Jane”. Let me explain further….

CBD, THC, and “Other”

  1. CBD- known for anti-inflammatory properties that bind to the CB2 receptor in the human endo-cannabinoid system.
  2. THC- exactly what you think it is… none other than the queen herself, “Mary Jannneee” (in my sing song voice). This component of the plant will get you high and produce psychoactive effects. THC binds to the CB1 receptor which can make up for weakness producing symptoms but will have psychoactive effects in the process.
  3. CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDa- Other cannabinoids that do a variety of cool things to help the human body. Some of these include pain relief, inhibiting tumor growth by anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, anti-anxiety, anti-nausea, and more to be discovered.

Don’t jump to what’s easy to believe

“It’s not magic, it’s science. It’s not a quick fix, it’s a lifestyle”

ME, 2019

SO many people jump to conclusions about CBD because of it being a part of the Cannabis plant. Don’t limit yourself by closing off to the idea that there are non-psychoactive components of the Cannabis plant that are NOT drugs….mmmkkkk??! (South Park reference). Well, they don’t get you high anyway, whether its a drug or not is irrelevant at that point. But even I am guilty of feeling like I was doing something I shouldn’t be due to the loaded stereotype of the under-informed, myself included, thinking CBD was “WEED”.

CBD Isolate vs. CBD Full Spectrum- What does it really mean?

CBD Isolate is….

During the processing (extraction) of CBD, isolate results in the isolation of CBD vs. all other terpenes and connabinoids found in the plant. How? Polar attraction! To extract a clean, 99% pure, CBD isolate, a solvent with like polarity as CBD gets added to the distillate and causes the oppositely charged components to flock to the added solvent leaving CBD ISOLATED. Why does this matter? Some people who work in law enforcement, nurses, etc. may not be able to risk the .3% legal limit of THC popping on a drug test. This isn’t guaranteeing that CBD isolate is safe for drug tests, but it is highly unlikely.

Full Spectrum is…

The mother-ship of CBD for our bodies includes the full spectrum of other nutrients that are organically found when extracting THC and leaving behind CBD and other nutrients. Some of these additional “gems” can be things like fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, etc. …It’s like eating the skin on the potato for the “good stuff”. Again, THC is extracted out and not included in CBD Full Spetrum which means it’s legal in all 50 states because THC is at or below .3%.

What should you do next?

More and more retailers are putting CBD products on their shelves and it is my personal responsibility to make sure that quality CBD is on the market and readily available. Contact me directly at earthmermaid@earthmermaidevolution.com OR comment below if you are interested in putting a CBD products on your shelves, starting your own brand, etc.; and I can help you do that. If you are a consumer wanting to try it for the first time, contact me and i’m happy to help anyway I can!

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DISCLOSURE: these statements aren’t backed by the FDA and this is not based on my own research or proof. My experience is to follow later down the line and that is solidified truth as I know it.