Make stress disappear with these 3 actions:

The way of the world sometimes seems to be one full of stress and need to achieve for multiple causes both worthy an/or just part of routine. How often do we find ourselves tense, dehydrated, hungry, and tired but still chugging that energy drink. I am guilty of this as the next person but when I choose to, and it is a choice, I do know how to “de-stress”. It’s just a matter of taking the time to do it and NOT do the next thing keeping me “busy”. If you can’t think straight, do these 3 things and “de-stress” now.

1- Retreat!

By this I don’t mean go on a tropical yoga retreat though that would be nice. What retreat I am referring to is one that you make for yourself anywhere you go but specifically, in a “safe” place for you away from technology (minus an iPad for yoga), noise, television, and pets. Just you, alone. Here are some things to do.

– Light sage or palo-santo and hold it in front of you. Please be careful not to drop ashes everywhere. Take in the smell and wave it slowly however feels natural to you without trying.

– Put down the sage. Pick up a rock. A rock from outside that you found on a hike or something like that. A non-polished, natural, rough, rock. Breathe. Breathe deeply in and out. Start with your eyes open and then close them. Breathe deeper and deeper into your heart and then your stomach (where your sacral and root chakras are). Imagine nothing. Imagine red at the base connecting to the earth and orange fading up towards your belly button. Or just do nothing. The imagery are mere suggestions.

2- Move

Yoga flow of some kind. Something that challenges you just enough to get out of your head. If you have to do a long class to argue your way out of your head and onto the mat, do it! Just move in some way. If you can’t or hate yoga, go for a walk. Just try and be mindful of whatever movement you are doing and work through the feelings of discomfort so they are familiar and no longer stressful. When done, write a gratitude list.

3- Nurture

Be kind to yourself physically. Run a hot bath with soothing essential oils such as lavender, sandalwood, or patchouli. Whatever relaxes you, use that scent. Scents are very powerful and can calm us down faster than our mind can.

Try a foam roller or “bed of nails” acupressure mat. Lay on it, let it sink into your muscles and skin. Let it disrupt the ebb and flow of the stress in your energy. Breathe.

Apply “Be Well, Dexter” relief cream (use “Mermaid” for 20% off) to your upper neck and the top of your shoulders. It literally feels like your melting and getting a huge hug from yourself. Do it and give gratitude to the universe for allowing you the opportunity to re-connect.


There are many wise and useful things to do when your stressed, we just have to do them. So often I don’t stop and do them because the stress is comfortable and can be validating if in the egoistic mind. That is not the ideal state for our souls to be in. We must take action and make the choice to do something different in order to feel blissfully free. Share with me some thoughts and actions you take when your stressed and let us all be happy, healthy, and relaxed.

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