Sacral Chakra- Week 2

I spent the first week of our “Chakra series” focusing on the Root Chakra. Review my post regarding the Root Chakra if you are just starting out and want to work from the base up. The humourous thing that happened was that as soon as I started to focus on the Root Chakra, I felt more unstable than ever, lacked a sense of security that I typically have regardless of what’s going on, and all sorts of other fun stuff took place where I had to take the week after week 1 to refocus in general! If this sounds like you, you are in good company!

Sacral Chakra- symtoms and meanings

The hilarious part of what I explained about the Root Chakra focus, the symptoms that I thought were the result from insecurity and not being grounded were really the symptoms associated with the imbalance of the Sacral Chakra.

When your Sacral Chakra is out of balance you will:

Feel like your life is out of control, good, bad, or indifferent. Out of control bleeds into a sense of fear which can be a lacked sense of security relating back to the Root.

You just can’t relate to other people or what’s going on in your immediate environment. Makes having empathy and compassion very hard!

Your emotions feel out of control! You can’t just be on level ground. One minute your great the next your down in the dumps and don’t know why.

When the Sacral Chakra is blocked altogether:

You are unemotional and may seem cold and detached in relationships.

Your unsure of what is going on in your life and it is very hard to deal with and adjust to.

Feelings of insecurity and low self esteem. Not confident, just kind of a, “go with the flow to fit in” mentality.

And all of this can lead to depression, detachment, and fear. Right? Three of my least favorite feelings that make me act the absolute WORST!

What about the body when the Sacral Chakra is out of whack?

Get ready for some lower back pain that may or may not be associated with hormonal and reproductive health, kidneys, or bladder issues like a UTI. Your sex life may be sucky and you may lack libido without a reason why. The detachment associated with this works hand in hand with this feeling.

Sacral Chakra balancing exercises:

Day 1- Read about the Sacral Chakra and meditate on what resonates with you. Diffuse some Sandalwood and close your eyes. Breathing in and out, imagine the lower abdomen a vibrant orange color. Think just of that area and that color as you breathe. Do it as long as you need to or can stand it.

Day 2-

Find a yoga video that balances the sacral AND/OR ROOT chakras. Check out Amazon Prime or YouTube.

Day 3-

Listen to hz frequency music on you tube for emotional release, smudge with palo santo, and do exercises that move your pelvis area.

Day 4

Yoga sacral chakra video!

Day 5

Explore your ow sacral exercise and do it. Mine was researching oils and stones in this chakra.

Day 6

Sacral chakra music meditation with movement in pelvis.

Day 7

Wear orange, meditate for 3 minutes imagining orange in your pelvis region. Move through a yoga flow for hips and lower belly. Comment here on how you feel!