3 styles of Sunglasses that look good on anyone!

There is no secret that I love sunglasses. I have always owned at least 15 pairs at one time in a variety of colors. My typical go to sunglasses style is “BUG-EYED” or just big sunglasses. In my personal opinion these are 3 styles that you can’t go wrong with:

1. Bug-Eye rectangle sunglasses

Why? Because they are ridiculously huge and amazing! I think this style looks super glam on anyone and extremely classy when done in a black or mauve.

2. Cat-Eye sunglasses

Meow! Every woman I know needs a pair of these if they don’t have them already. Cat-eye sunglasses come in a variety of sizes and the medium framed are in my opinion, the safest style choice in this classic category! Medium black or brown cat eye sunglasses are a big “go-to” choice for me- which is why I stock them and have them on stand by to ship out or buy myself!

3. Mirror-mirror on my face

Mirrored lenses are flashy and cute. They aren’t a classic look but more fun for festivals, concerts, or the beach! Whether it’s an “Lennon” or an “Aviator” style frame, mirrors look magical when done right! Pink? Blue? Silver? Rose gold? It’s the shape that can mess this look but not the color of the mirror.

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EMEVO aka ShadyMermaidShop