Weird things I’ve tried

As I write this I’m currently embarking on a new experience with vitamin infusion therapy. It made me think to myself that I have really tried some weird, legal, stuff in my day and this isn’t half of it. So why not write about my experiences?

1- I feel like crap So I tried vitamin iv therapy

Pain and fatigue should be my nick names today. So if it was my last day on earth I would like to spend it doing something to move me in a better direction than current. So why not try this new fad and see if it works. D, Glutamine, and B-vitamins here we go! After a 45 minute drip I feel a little better but mostly the same. The nurse said maybe it takes a few times, I’m not sure but I know my vitamins are deficient because my body sucked up every last drop of nutrients. I’ve been on some killer acne medicine since January and I’m about sick of it- hence joint pain, dehydration, fatigue. So I guess I do feel a bit better and the vitamins didn’t hurt but if your looking for a miracle this isn’t it. I opted to just relax the remainder of the weekend to recover from myself.

This and ordering my usual supplements from A1, does me pretty darn good! Check out A1 supplements here and order your B, D, K, Multi, and Fish oil!

2- CBD

Now this is something that works! Not all CBD is the same and it’s also not a miracle fix (not for me anyway). By miracle fix I mean you use it and all the sudden everything is perfect. I will say my anxiety is non-existent and it definitely helps this joint pain. My favorite brands are Be Well Dexter where MERMAID saves 20% HERE on your first order. I love their gel caps, all the topicals, especially pain cream and the tinctures. This is as close to a miracle as I have found to date. My other favorite is Just CBD and while I don’t sell their products I will say that their Doobies and Protein Bars are a force to be reckoned with. Click here and use “LoveCBD” to save 20% on all your stuff. Oh yeah, and try the peach rings too, so good!

3- Fraxel Laser Therapy

Acne scarring and acne in general, that’s why I tried this one. I would say for the price and the pain, I should have just surrendered to this terrible acne medicine a long time ago. Even though I hate it, the Fraxel didn’t really work that well and I’m curious if it didn’t make some of my cystic acne worse. It an effort to avoid the inevitable I gave it a shot. The process was pretty simple but I looked like a red tomato for a few days after. It hurt like heck too! Turn up the power and oh boy oh boy…. ouch. I will say some said my face looked better but it definitely wasn’t a miracle fix- like I wanted.


I was sold on the very first lecture I sat in for this one. It makes complete sense, immature stem cells are injected and start rebuilding your inflamed areas that is indicating injury to your body. They stem cells replicate every 28 hours for 62 days I believe, roughly. Stem cells can become anything but you can’t take any anti-inflammatory medicines or foods so they can find the pain. Being I have had back surgery and have struggled with pain my whole life, I was sold. Definitely not a miracle fix yet but I still have a few months to go before I see a final result so stay tuned! The procedure took 15 mins from start to finish and I just basically got 4 shots in my lower back with stem cells in tow. Wasn’t too bad at all but I sure hope it works!


The moral of the story here is that there are no quick fixes. There are things one can do to help their situation like drink cayenne and celery juice for allergies and headaches, drink water, get enough sleep, etc. Anything worth having is worth working for I guess! So I will continue on my wellness journey for now in absence of any miracle quick fixes for a little while and we shall see where it takes me!

Have you ever tried something ridiculous or out of the ordinary for your health? Share in the comments I would love to see what else is out there!