Career Ensembles for the non-morning cat…. meow

Not all of us are morning people. I am not a morning person though it seems that up until a few years ago I tried so hard to be. Now it’s me, my go to looks, my morning rituals to start my day, and easy, effortless looks I can throw on without thinking much at all right before downing my energy drink of the month. So what does this literally look like? From head to toe, here is the laziest way to look “to the 9’s” that I know so you can feel like the slaying bitch you are all day long!

Blazers aren’t difficult

Blazers, blazers, and more blazers! I usually have spent less time thinking about what I’m going to wear if I throw on a blazer! Sometimes picking out a top and slacks or a skirt without that polished, in your face, crisp is just hard to do without a good blazer! If you can manage to snag some black blazers from the thrift store in brands like Banana Republic and Ann Taylor Loft, you are well on your way. A blouse, big sunglasses, make up, and partly done hair with the power blazer of the day can take your look a Looooong way.

Black is not a go to color for nothing!

Efforts minimal if you stick with bold colors!

In my professional opinion, nothing beats a black based outfit, nothing! It is the safest business-formal color to turn to especially when if a fashion jam. Pair a pair of pattered pants with a black top and black blazer with black shoes and bam- you spent hours getting ready (or 5 mins). Adding a statement piece with oversized sunglasses and purposeful hair with a black based ensemble will slay your day even if you woke up a tiny bit after the 10th snooze. The key is to act like you have your shit together until you actually do an hour or so after driving into work. No one can read your soul mermaid!


Be bold in some way every day. Whether it’s a red pencil skirt, green scarf around your neck with green flats and all black everything else, do something intentional to change the look you go for daily. If you see an expensive bag and it’s a bold color, buy it! But don’t over do it just buy one or two. Red and royal blue are two colors I love. Pinstripes, polka dots, and plaid can all look amazing with a statement something whether a scarf, shoes, bag, or leopard print something! Make sure the statement piece is conservative enough for your accompanying environment or you risk looking tacky but don’t forget one item can make an entire look.

Easy make up

add a scarf for an extra accessory

I have no idea how to make my hair easier because I don’t really have to do much with it to pull off my personal look, but I do know make up can make or break you. Hear me out- we are all beautiful without makeup blah blah but if you wear full face daily and you roll in with nothing on please be aware that people will notice. If you typically wear eyeliner and mascara everyday and you skip a day or two, people will notice and may comment on you looking tired- if you actually are tired then you just gave yourself away. So take two seconds and master fast eye makeup looks that will be quick and presentable when rolling up to your job, especially if your in charge- the last thing we need in the business world when we are managers is setting the stage for lazy employee apparel choices that has the whole team looking “off”.

This is at the END of the day!


I hope this guide to pulling off fabulous on a daily basis was helpful, below is a list of everything I recommend sticking with and going to when it comes to business looks for work days, you don’t have to spend a ton of money or time because thrifting, Poshmark, and stores like H&M have some great staples. So here’s what to look for:

Shoes – black, nude, intentional solid color flat or pump, leopard or houndstooth.

Scarf- black, solid color, leopard

Flight from Denver to Seattle plus 8 hr look

Tops- black turtleneck with 3/4 sleeve and long sleeve, black high neck blouses, black colored shirt or another maybes color to wear under a black or grey sweater. Red, royal, cream/camel tops with scarfs and/or blazers are perfect.

Pants- black pants in every length and fit imaginable. Black patterned pants in plaids, polka dots, pinstripes. Camel colored pants with a black blazer and black shoes. Red pants.

Skirts- pencil skirts below and above the knee in black and smaller black prints. Possibly navy is okay too.

Makeup- No7 skincare foundation, California tan bronzer, Revlon color-stay powder, cream eyeshadow, cream highlight for above and beneath brows, smudge proof eyeliner and mascara. If your eye makeup is dark use a mauve lip color and vice versatility. Gloss it and make it dewy and supple- find a way to glow!