10 health and wellness tips to start doing

Do you ever want to jump start a wellness routine and change your life? I have a story for you! Health and wellness can lead to positive self image, positive mental health and happiness, and can actually be really fun!

I was an active property management professional and changed careers where I found myself at a desk. After a few months I found myself getting more and more sedentary and lazy. I fell into a rut but luckily I was able to develop some new health and wellness habits to aid in weight loss, increase energy, and boost my state of mental well-being.

Before I share them I want you to know that no one does things perfectly and it’s not about perfection but about progress. If you miss a day working out, don’t beat yourself up! Just jump back into your wellness plan with both feet and keep plugging away. So let’s review 10 tips to boost health and wellness, raise your vibe, increase your energy, and you may even have weight loss as a result!

Get enough sleep

Only you know how many hours is ideal for you to get each night. If you don’t, the National Sleep Foundation recommends 7-9 hours of sleep each night. If you do this you may realize that your mind is sharp, energy levels are up, and stress can fall away due to your ability to readily take on your day.

Move more, take the stairs

Muscle stiffness and sedentary lifestyles can lead to pain, mental fogginess, and lethargy over time. If you have ever sat in one place for a very long time without getting up for a brisk walk, you may feel a dip in your mood and possible pain later on. This is because sitting in one place for too long is not a good idea for your body. Take the stairs, park further away and walk, or do some yoga to get out of and avoid falling into the sedentary rut.

Get a standing desk

“Sitting is the new smoking” You may have heard someone medically inclined or a health nut bark the above phrase at you. Or maybe you use the phrase yourself. Whatever the case, sedentary lifestyles can have harmful benefits on mental health and body fitness. Sitting with poor posture can restrict airflow, cause headaches, and contribute to long term back problems. Maybe it’s time for you to check out a standing desk and spend as much time standing at your standing desk as being seated in your chair.

Unplug from technology

A connection is good however sometimes we just need a break. Unplug and relax for a whole day or just a morning or afternoon and totally disconnect from technology. To take it a step further try one of our other health tips listed here instead!

Eat more raw vegetables

There are plenty of reasons why to eat more vegetables not to mention raw ones. Eating or juicing raw veggies can help aid in digestion, nerve health, weight loss, provide good nutrition, and satisfy hunger with healthy options. So give it a shot and next time you want to grab junk food opt for a carrot or some sugar snap peas instead.

Shop for groceries with cash

Shopping for groceries with a credit card and on an empty stomach is a terrible idea for your pocketbook and your diet. With cash, you can budget and strategically avoid impulse traps due to sticking with exactly the plan you went into the grocery store with the whole time. Who knew saving money and healthy living could work together so seamlessly!?

Drink enough water

Water makes up the majority of our bodies and it is said that when we feel thirsty we are actually already dehydrated. That being said, the daily water intake amount to aim for is 64 oz of water per day. This will create wellness within your body optimizing it’s internal processes and functions. It may help aid weight loss by satisfying hunger and cravings.

Use natural remedies where possible

CBDis a natural remedy that I have tried and have found to offer me some wellness benefits. I have adopted taking 1 mL dropper of the 1000mg tincture of CBD oil by Be Well Dexter 2x per day and rub the CBD relief cream on the back of my neck to relax. It’s great because it doesn’t have the psychoactive effects of THC but you get all the action from the hemp plant by using pure CBD products like Be Well Dexter. Check out their site and use MERMAID at checkout for 20% off your first purchase at BeWellDexter online!


Check out my chakra series for more information on how to meditate. Click here to start with the root chakra which is at the base of your spine. Meditation is going inward and quieting your thoughts. Breathing and pausing or being mindful in the moment through mindfulness practices are all forms of meditation. Start off small or check out an app such as Headspace for help.

Exercise 3 times per week

In addition to taking the stairs, moving more, and standing up more frequently, doing actual exercise is irreplaceable when it comes to wellness, positive mind, and body benefits. Whether strength training through functional movements or doing some cardio outdoors, being active and getting at least 30 minutes of exercise 3x per week.

I hope you can adopt some of my health tools into your daily life and feel amazing. Remember, I didn’t do this perfectly and neither will you. It is okay! Baby steps can lead to much success in weight loss, healthy living, and wellness practices if you are consistent so don’t quit!