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Weird things I’ve tried

As I write this I’m currently embarking on a new experience with vitamin infusion therapy. It made me think to myself that I have really tried some weird, legal, stuff in my day and this isn’t half of it. So why not write about…

3 styles of Sunglasses that look good on anyone!

There is no secret that I love sunglasses. I have always owned at least 15 pairs at one time in a variety of colors. My typical go to sunglasses style is “BUG-EYED” or just big sunglasses. In my personal opinion these are 3 styles…

Motivation! Vision post!

How CBD is made….

There is quite a bit of buzz around CBD right now and for good reason! CBD has been under investigation for potentially having components that many of our human and other mammal endocanabinoid system needs to thrive! it turns out, the hemp plant has…

Sacral Chakra- Week 2

Continue on this chakra balancing journey with me!

Make stress disappear with these 3 actions:

The way of the world sometimes seems to be one full of stress and need to achieve for multiple causes both worthy an/or just part of routine. How often do we find ourselves tense, dehydrated, hungry, and tired but still chugging that energy drink….

Homebuyers series on iTunes by EarthMermaidEvolution!

Listen to 3 of 4 episodes dedicated to the home buying process in honor of my sweet mom who closed on her new spot this week! Let me know your questions! CLICK HERE CLICK HERE CLICK HEREERERE

Entrepreneur in elementary school and Flour Bath and Body Works Lotion!

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Entrepreneur in grade school- shoving lotion in peoples faces–shoving-lotion-in-peoples-faces-e3qp7v

CBD and You- What is and what ISN’T.

This just in: Humans and Plants come together and take over the world! “CBD, your the butter to my bread” Who would have thought that the human body had an “endocannabinoid” system that is also present in plants through their own “phytocannabinoid” system. What…

Can we please stop with the 90 day review…

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: 90 day review

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