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Stem Cells are falling on my head…

Back pain. I hate it. My Dad has suffered with it for his entire life and I have too. Well it really started 8 years ago. Not sure if it was the fall off the wall at the bar in college (whoops) or if it was the decade of figure skating and the falls that came with it. I lay here in pain, foot spasming, leg cramping, if you deal with this your not alone.

Sitting is the new smoking- truth! I have been sitting at a desk for almost 3 months for 7 hours a day and gradually my pain has come back (almost) to the pre-surgical threshold. Yes, I have had back surgery. It helped a lot! But right now, I can’t sit for another second- hate to complain but who can relate?

And people are sometimes understanding but I never like to complain. I refuse to take anything for pain because the relief isn’t worth the negative effects.

Tried and tried

Here are the things I have tried:

YOGA- daily- including Bikram .

Massage- mostly to get out of pain not relax. This helps but I’d have to do it daily.

Acupuncture- gratifying as hell but not enough results to keep me going back.

Epsom salt- baths and hot tubs, check!

Steroid injection: while awake, while asleep, multiple times too!

Chiropractor- was so hopeful but… no.

Physical Therapy- probably not enough.

Toradol, Ultram (post surgery only), NSAIDS for days…

Inversion table- great relief but can’t stay there all day.

Spinal decompression- I wish it felt the decompressing relief all the time.

RFA- burn nerves in between disks off to remove sensitivity.

Back surgery- removal of L4 and L 5 lamina

And I’m still in pain!

Stem Cells

Tomorrow I will try stem cells. I’m fortunate to be in a place to get a great deal since insurance won’t cover it. I believe I am hopeful. Regenerative medicine makes sense to me…. and I will keep you all posted as I go!

Xoxoxoxoxo EME

Juice this now!

I thought about it long enough and decided to dive into the juicing game. Thats right- I got a juicer! Black and Decker $40 special at Walmart, baby! Let me tell you… I LOVE IT!

Black and Decker for the win!

It’s not my style to read directions, recipes, music, books, etc… so I threw together 3 juicer blends for beginners like me who are impatient and want instant gratification out of their new juicer….so let’s do it!

Dollar tree jars 🤩

Celery and Cayenne Pepper Delight!

Morning tonic of celery and cayenne 🔥

Take a bag of celery and rip off all the stalks.

Use a juicer (mine is Black and Decker- cheapest one I could find) and turn it on.

Put a jar u see where the juice will depart and stuff the stalks of celery down the juicing hole of wonderfulness!

Juice the whole stalk and then turn off the juicer.

Since you used the jar your going to store it in, take some cayenne pepper and shake it about 10-15 times into the juice.

Add a splash of water or divide and add a hint of water to each.

Drink in the morning on an empty stomach!

Carrots and Ginger Bliss

Buy a bag of the “ugly carrots” aka the cheapest carrots 🥕 and wash them off.

Cut off the ends and slice any fat carrots in half so they fit in the juicer.

Get out the juicer and turn it on.

Use whatever jar your going to store the juice in to catch the fresh carrot juice your about to LOVE.

One by one…. shove the carrots into juicer oblivion!

Grab a few slices of fresh ginger and send them to ginger juice land (put them in the juicer).

Once you juice the whole bag of carrots- turn the juicer off!

You can separate into two jars adding a hint of water and more ginger to taste if needed using kitchen spice ginger sold in the spice isle.

Best juice ever – sweet but still a veggie!

Kan ya Kale my Granny (Apple)

Get out your juicer!

Use 4-5 Granny Smith apples and a bunch of kale (2 if needed).

Put the jar you are going to use to catch the juice under the juicer.

Get the stalks of kale and apples ready. Make sure they are small enough to fit in the juicers mouth.

Start your engines!

Shove the apple slices and kale 🥬 (stalk first) into the juicers mouth.

Once finished turn the juicer off.

Replace the jar lid and shake.

Divide into two servings of you wish and add a splash of water or coconut water.

Optional ginger addition available – take it or leave it.


Add some to your routine and reap more natural nutrients to feed your fire. MERMAID at checkout gets you 20% off!

Xoxoxoxoxo 🥬

3 actions to take now to remind you that you’re amazing!

So, I know I’m not alone in having the occasional off day or week. Often our best growth is done when we feel down right shitty! Those days when you either suffer from the “other shoe to drop” or “imposter” syndrome. Or maybe it’s just that when you talk to people about your ideas and goals, they give you a look that is casually polite but also confused. If this is you, you are not alone. There are many of us who are complete life dominating citizens, full of passion and drive, to remind you on their good days, that you are NOT alone in your school of over-achieving thought. That there are many of us out there like you!

When your having an off moment or are caught in an awkward situation whether for a second or a year, it can be really hard to get out of it. Especially if you don’t have a likeminded support group. We all know the “realist” friend who wants to help by reminding you of all the things that can go wrong or not work. They are “just trying to help”, but when you hear it on an off day, boy does it really penetrate when usually your not giving it a second thought. So to avoid going through life to people please the status quo, lets review some actions we can take to remind us of who the F*^! we are so we can smile and go on with our day.

You heard me, get out of your damn head, NOW! I am talking to myself and to everyone who has a mind that goes around and around until it can pinpoint that exact source of control they have or guarantee that everything is going to be _________ fill in the blank. Our minds cannot recover our minds and our ego’s cannot solve our problems. To get our of ego, one must get out of self, and stop trying to solve your problem (your brain on an off day), with your problem (that same brain on the same day).

Need some ideas on how to get out of your head? I totally know how it is. When you can’t seem to think of one thing to do to make your situation better or the wheels to stop so you can re-focus. Here is your list for getting out of your head in a blackout.


Pick an easy thing to decide on whether if its a goal, an action for the weekend, a commitment to do ________ and then do it. Just decide on something- tell someone that you have decided or just say it out loud. You will rebuild credibility with yourself and instantly be more confident. Note- this can be a really minor detail do not overthink it.


This might be walking! If you are having a really bad day, walk forward! Preferably outside, just go and take a walk and think about how you are literally moving forward and not walking in place. If you haven’t beat your brain to the state of walking being your thing, maybe sign up for a class to learn something, watch something you know nothing about on LinkedIn Learning or YouTube. This could be developing a hobby, like guitar (hence me), or you could just color. If you choose to color, pick large pictures to avoid throwing the book across the room if your anything like me. And with the guitar, I would start with a song that you actually like that is pretty easy. Just google “easy guitar songs” because playing Yankee Doodle never motivated me to dominate and shred on the guitar one day- just sayin.

So there you have it friends! 3 things you can do to feel less “off” if you feel off. To feel more confident if your in a valley. Not a whole lot of ambiguity with these activities, pretty cut and dry. So hard when your having “a day”.

How do you rise above an off season? Comments?!


Why “Hard Selling” isn’t working for you and what to do about it!

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5 tea and other warming beverages to try!

One of my main resolutions for 2019 was to drink more tea. I love making creative teas and other cocktails that are either delicious, comforting, pack a wellness punch, or all of the above. Here are a few staples I enjoy regularly that I want you to try! Please note that I do not do a whole lot of precise measuring but just have developed the tastes I enjoy most over time. So lets get to it!

Matcha Latte with Keto Creamer

Matcha Green Tea

  1. Grab a large, coffee tumbler, and fill (your preference) with water. Pour that water into electric tea kettle and boil.
  2. While boiling combine 1.5 matcha latte packets into the empty tumbler.
  3. Add 1/2 scoop of the Keto Creamer (sometimes less) to the matcha mix in the tumbler you are going to use to drink out of
  4. Pour the hot water into the tumbler and stir.

You should have a close version of Starbucks, Matcha Latte to enjoy! Disclosure; I use Keto creamer but realize the sugar in the matcha mix makes this non-keto. I like using the Keto creamer for the MCT’s.

Peppermint Mocha Hot Chocolate or Coffee

hot chocolate
Use peppermint, hot cocoa, OR peppermint and coffee and hot cocoa!
  • Use a powdered peppermint mocha mix or make your own with crushed peppermints and powdered hot cocoa.
  • Put about 1 scoop (or two tablespoons) of the mix in the bottom of the cup.
  • Use Starbucks ,or another version of hot cocoa/coffee and make in Keurig allowing the dispensable drink to pour into the cup that the mix is in.
  • Stir- really well! Enjoy!

Golden Milk and Dandelion Tea with Honey

Golden Milk is an Ayurvedic staple that is comprised of Turmeric, Whey Protein, and Warming Spices. It comes in a mix sort of like protein powder only it is called “Golden Milk”. The kind that I enjoy most is the one by Jarrow and I get it a Whole Foods in the vitamins and supplements isle. The best time I have found to drink the warming goodness is in the evenings. There is something about it that is just comforting! So here it goes:

  • Jarrow Golden Milk powder mix
  • Boil water and steep a packet of Lemon Myrtle or Dandelion tea in the water.
  • Re-boil the tea infused water after the tea packet has settled if the water is not hot any longer. I will usually do this. 
  • Put 1 scoop of Golden Milk powdered mix by Jarrow, Honey, and the tea into a large cup. Add a splash of coconut milk if you want extra creamy consistency.
  • Stir well and enjoy! You may need to stir again because the Golden Milk tends to separate a bit.


I typically follow the serving recommendations on the Golden Milk as far as how much water and milk to use but it really is trial and error, you cant really mess it up!

Vanilla Chai, mixed with Chamomile or CBD, tea.

Lavender infused tea

This one is a good one for a Sunday brunch or hanging out with friends on Saturday afternoons. The Chai brings a bit of caffeine and the chamomile, or CBD, tea will provide some relaxation. The vanilla chai mix is powder and can be purchased at King Sooper/City Market/Kroger. Here it goes:

  • Boil water in Amazon tea kettle (love this thing!).
  • Let 2 packets of Chai black tea steep in the boiling water for about 1 minute.
  • After 1 minute of steeping, either pour the tea over 1.5 tablespoons of Vanilla Chai powder mix or just mix it in if you already poured the tea into a cup.
  • Let the tea continue to steep with the chai mix added.
  • Sir and enjoy!

1-800-CHILL tea (by me).

This is a mix that I love to make before bed when I am sitting in my yoga room after the day is over just relaxing, breathing, and gathering myself and my energy. The flavors I use change pretty often but I always try to have a detox herbal mix, a relaxing herbal mix such as chamomile, CBD tea, Valerian Root, or Echinacea (if I am feeling like a cold is creeping up), and Lavender Tulsi by Stash. Here it goes:

  • Boil water in Amazon tea kettle (love this thing).
  • Put 1 bag of detox tea of choice, 1 bag of listed “wind down” teas of choice, and 1 bag of lavender tea, in a mug.
  • When the water is done boiling, pour over the 3 tea bags (may be excessive but it’s how I like it!)
  • Let steep and if you would like to add some powdered coconut creamer and/or honey it is also very good. I enjoy both ways.

So there you have it! My 5 creative mixes that I have been enjoying all winter long. Tea is a wonderful way to practice being present. I usually will have my salt rocks glowing and sage burning while enjoying my 1-800-Chill tea. Sometimes I will even do a 10 minute yoga on YouTube and then when I am done the tea is ready to drink! Let me know how you enjoy them or if you have some creative beverages of your own to share!


WHAT THE HELL ARE “VIBES”- Intro to Energy

Have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt discomfort? Have you ever felt completely welcome somewhere before anyone even spoke to you? You may have even been alone and just felt an indescribable love surround you making you feel comfortable and safe. Have you ever had a conversation with someone and began to feel alienated in your own skin? Felt an indescribable and foreign feeling came over you, like you want to shake it off?

All of these instances are a result of the “vibes” that people speak about today. It turns out, these “vibes”, or energy, are something as important to health and well-being as a health diet. Let’s dive in.

Energy is a Part of Business

Energy is valid and influential in every area of someones life. It can make or break teams and company culture. It can be the difference between two teams of the exact same make up performing in two different ways – one good and one struggling to make it. I have multiple examples of how energy has impacted my professional life, not to mention my personal. These “vibes” are not fluff, they are not easy, and they are not for the faint of heart.

I Could Finally Put my Finger on it!

I was introduced to the impact of energy and “vibes” by a former resident of mine, Heather with Wheels of Light Healing, back when I managed an apartment community in Georgia. She had the most amazing, calming, energy about her and it led to me exploring energy and it’s power. I went to my very first Reiki session with her and then went back. I started to notice more and more energy around me. This was just the beginning…

The Body’s of the Body

Every human being has multiple systems in the body that are effected by different things in different ways. The body has 5 systems:

1- Physical – what doctors treat when a condition arises

2- Etheric – closest to the physical body and is what is effected by sickness and disease

3- Astral– this is where the “aura” or energy field surrounding a person is found. An aura is a bio-magnetic energy field that surrounds a person. If you tried to draw a picture of vibes it may turn out like an aura. The Astral body is connected to the physical and when we are calm or relaxed energy flows easily between the two systems. When the aura starts to have breakage or grey areas it is a sign of sickness/weakness in someones energetic field. The Etheric Temple is a component of this Astral system and is where emotions, feelings, and intuition exist. So when someone is meditating they are peeling the layers and tapping into the deeper components of themselves.

4- Causal Body– Where spirituality and our higher-self is found.


There are 7 major chakras found along the spine – from the tail bone up to the very top of the skull. Chakras that are balanced spin in a clockwise direction. When unbalanced, the wheels slow down, or even reverse making the energetic state of being “sick” and will likely lead to more discord if not addressed. Just like if your physical body is sick and you don’t do anything about it, you will probably get worse in most cases.

Think of it as circulation, when circulation is cut off there is a part of the body deprived of blood supply which will result in the area not getting the vital nutrients it needs and eventually becoming damaged and dead.

Take the Chakra Challenge

I encourage you to pay attention to how energy is at work in your life. Notice when you feel energetically “off” and see what is going on around you and then inside of you. Over the next few weeks, i will share some of my own experiences with specific Chakra’s of my own, what I do about it, what it teaches me and has taught me, and how I apply various methods into my daily life to balance my energy back out.

My Disclosure-

Please note, this involves tapping into a spiritual or higher-self. If you cannot define it, don’t worry, that’s just your ego wanting to know- it really doesn’t matter what it’s called, it’s what it is. Also, if you immediately closed your mind the minute you started reading, I highly doubt that you have gotten this far down. This is good news for you, bad for those who will continue on without having any idea how to use energy and live fearlessly rather than merely exist.

ROOT Chakra – Week 1 Energy Challenge

To go along with the podcast from April 2nd, 2019, I wanted to include this guide to restoring and re-balancing your Root Chakra in the Chakra energy series.

Recap on what a Chakra is-

Chakras are intersections of energy lines within the body that intersect at thousands of points. Along the spine is where the most congested energy intersections exist and there are 7.

Root Chakra – Safety, Earth, Grounded, Self-Confident, A Part of World, Community, and Yourself.

The Root Chakra can become blocked when someone has gone through a change, had a financial shift in their life that disturbed their sense of security, or they sit slouched and tense for long periods of time. You may notice that you have lower back and sciatica pain when the Root Chakra is blocked because of the association with the bottom 3 vertebra of the spine. An emotional reaction to a Root Chakra imbalance is anxiety. The anxiety stems from the feeling of not being grounded, secure, and safe within your current situation emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.

What to do about a blocked Root Chakra

There are some exercises that you can do in order to restore the balance in the Root Chakra. Below outlines the schedule to restore your Root Chakra back into balance as I have personally experienced it. It includes a daily step by step plan of “Root Restoration” and you will be stepping in a more solid direction before you know it.

Day 1-

Get quiet and find some Root Chakra meditation music that has sounds ranging from 296-432 in hz. You can find many resources of music geared towards this Chakra on YouTube. Close your eyes, breathe, do this for about 15 minutes at least.

Day 2-

Find a grounding Yoga flow and do it in the morning. Repeat Day 1 music practice in the evening.

Day 3-

Breathe- in silence- sitting on the floor or lying down in savasana.

Take 30 deep breaths through your nose and out through your mouth.

Read a daily meditation from a book of your choosing. A personal favorite of mine is Journey to the Heart by Melody Beattie. Close the book and repeat in your own words back to yourself what the meditation was. If you forgot already, o

Day 4-

Do something scary, take a leap of faith, tell someone how you are feeling when you would normally agree. Then, this evening, do a root chakra yoga sequence. There are some great ones on YouTube. Specifically, Yoga with Adriene is good or Boho Beautiful.

After yoga, find a piece of sage and light it. If you don’t have sage, just sit quietly and diffuse some earthy scented essential oil. If you are using sage, simply make a protective cloud around your body but be careful for ashes. For more info on sage and smudging, I will be publishing a detailed post about how to smudge, why to smudge, and what to smudge.

Day 5-

Close your eyes and sit or lay on the floor. Take 30 deep breaths and then imagine that you have roots extending from your body down into the earth, like you are a tree. Imagine white energy flowing from the earth, through your roots, and filling your soul. Focus on the color red. Imagine the roots are red running from your body to the earth.

Then, sit up and grab your meditation book. Read the reflection for the date you are on or another spiritually fulfilling text. When you are done, close the book and think about what you read. Say it back to yourself in your own words and then say it to the universe. Get quiet, sit, breathe, then go about your day.

Day 6 –

Go for a walk outside. Go to a place that is in the woods or a trail. If you live by a beach or lake, go there. While walking, take deep breaths in and out focusing on the gratitude you have for the world and the earth. Find something that you connect with in nature. For me, it is usually always a rock. Take that and hold it. Feel the energy from it run through your body to the item and from the item to the body. If you find a rock you really like, hold on to it.

Day 7-

I would love to hear what you do today to connect with your roots, or the Root Chakra. Still feeling insecure, there is still time to nurture the Root Chakra, it’s not a race. Take the time and heal yourself through energetic acknowledgement and focus. The earth will fill your soul and stabilize your worries, if you ask for it, and if you allow it.

Thank you for taking this journey with me- EME-

Best 1 year old birthday party- ever

Omg y’all-

I went to my husbands friend Junu’s son’s first birthday party over the weekend. Hilarious for a number of reasons! First of all- hands down the BEST of ANY birthday party I have EVER been to (or remembered).

Walked in the door and got to pick out what I thought their, now one year old, Ian, was going to grab off a tray of assorted items first. The choices?

1- ball of yarn

2- Obama book

3- microphone

4- Little good luck bag

5- hundred dollar bill

There were 50 adults there.

Baby IAN grabs the $100…

Next, we all play Mario Cart. Baby IAN comes out in a robe (a traditional outfit for their culture) and is ADORABLE- literally a king!

After Mario Cart…..

Watch this guys- Junu’s first stand up routine AKA the funniest thing I have ever seen! Please share if you like it I totally want him doing more stand up!

Xoxo EME

JUNU’s FIRST STAND UP- baby IAN turns 1!

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