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Sacral Chakra- Week 2

Continue on this chakra balancing journey with me!

Stem Cells are falling on my head…

Back pain. I hate it. My Dad has suffered with it for his entire life and I have too. Well it really started 8 years ago. Not sure if it was the fall off the wall at the bar in college (whoops) or if…

3 actions to take now to remind you that you’re amazing!

So, I know I’m not alone in having the occasional off day or week. Often our best growth is done when we feel down right shitty! Those days when you either suffer from the “other shoe to drop” or “imposter” syndrome. Or maybe it’s…

WHAT THE HELL ARE “VIBES”- Intro to Energy

Chakra Series – selfishly inspired by my own need to tap into this energetic state. Come with me!

ROOT Chakra – Week 1 Energy Challenge

Inspired by my selfish need to re-balance and re-visit my personal energy health, come with me on week one of my Chakra Series to the Root Chakra.

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